"Come out from among them…and touch not the unclean thing".

Proposing secession of any states so inclined on the basis of the law of God as sole source of valid law.


 Louis Zdunich

Frankpledge Party and National Anti-Sodomy Crusade

 January 28, 2013


            The Obama White House has mobilized a determined drive to void any Godly way of life among the citizens, has frustrated systematically the fervent desires of many to embrace moral good and to avoid evil: employing crafty policies which steadily render this noble recourse an utter impossibility not only in principle but even in everyday practical terms. Hence it is critically important not to delay in putting forward and implementing this idea, that not a single further innocent youthful soul is perverted or morally destroyed, or another innocent life in the womb or in any other circumstances lost. For because of the overwhelming power of those who now rule, aided by fraudulent voting procedures, police-state policies and novel and gratuitous "standing" requirements before courts of every kind, we who wish to honor and obey the divine law have less and less ground on which to stand, fewer and fewer significant podia from which to speak. Being required to combat an all-enveloping system of inescapable indoctrination with our hands tied and our mouths taped shut. Under this system and government being powerless against a hideously-"scientific" laboratory-developed process which has been known commonly if-by-stages to render the mind incapable of consecutive thought or of determined resolve: a condition seen so often in an increasingly-dysfunctional youth of today, one steadily-more-prone to fits of violent behavior, even to mass shootings and other bloody acts of bewilderment or rage. This notorious brainwash process having been reduced to a fine art by totalitarian regimes from a one-time-Red Moscow to a still-Red Beijing, in hideous places of torture like Pitesti in '50s Romania and at the infamous Abu Ghraib: a ghoulish regimen which was able at last to reduce such indomitable figures as Cardinal Stepinac of post-WWII Croatia to a shattered shell without a will. And this in a much-shorter time than is so exhaustively expended upon our beloved little ones of today, in schools and various pre-school environments, whose trusting personas quite understandably have no defenses at all against such things. Indeed in such a case we are undoubtedly calling a curse down upon ourselves the longer we procrastinate, continuing to associate ourselves with this cynical and inhuman, tyrannically ruling breed, this spiritual killing machine. The whole ponderous weight of institutional life, of government, media, education, and the military—which the high-school graduate is exposed to after a dozen years of youth thus commonly spent like a guinea-pig in a cage—having been completely subverted, turned at pivotal places to utterly nefarious ends. In an Administration, with several forerunners of much the same kind, which operates in league with various secret societies, to impose this abominable agenda, as if from some ancient pagan throne.

            Hence on to this topic of secession, which gained much attention a few short years ago, in a movement centered in certain prairie states and the Southwest, based mostly upon budgetary and "Obama-care" considerations. That initiative which we believe must now be urgently superceded by another based entirely on the law of God as the source of all valid law, the notional and motivational preamble of any valid state. The purpose of this movement presented here being of the noblest possible kind, urging leading men in the various state governments to make possible once again a good and Godly way-of-life for their citizens in this most virile, stentorian and direct of ways. The rectitude of our position furthermore is entirely self-evident, no matter how many may choose to join us or not: as the principles enunciated here—which form the timeless foundation of any valid government or law—don't depend upon any majority, nor indeed upon "the will of man" at all, for their justification: but are rather written by God Himself "in fleshy tablets" upon the human heart, mind and soul. So that were even one man to heroically oppose all others who have become so perverted as to ignore that divinely-written lettering, to practice or defend sodomy, aggressive war, abortion-on-demand, or any of a whole laundry-list of Obama-land abominations of today, God would surely support and defend that crusader, that just man. And if such a lone figure were to be attacked by a government bent upon forcing his will, he could certainly depend upon the divine aid just as unerringly as did the just and pious Lot of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah. Indeed, God will always doubly bless those who flee such diabolical perversities, who "separate themselves from a wicked and perverse generation", who "come out from among them…and touch not the unclean thing". And He will indeed punish those who would pursue or prevent them from so innocent and harmless a path: as attested indeed by the twin-city fire and brimstone, a "legend" whose very charred rocks are still there in the Holy Land for all to see. Or the plunging of a blasphemous Pharaoh to the bottom of the Red Sea. Or even indeed as He came to the aid of incredibly-outnumbered Machabees, whose sole "offense" was only to defend their realm from wicked and perverted men, to refuse to offer infant-sacrifice in hideous ovens of a cruel Moloch or Baal. Handfuls of commoners intrepidly overcoming Antiochus and his innumerable hosts: even as slave-buyers had already eagerly come from afar, to collect on their investment, to lead loyal Hebrews away in chains.

            There is no question in my mind that God our Heavenly Father and His Spirit of brotherly love will see to it that all disagreements of any serious kind are resolved within such a pan-religious secessionist movement, for the upholding of the law of God as the sole foundation of states and institutions of any kind. That Catholics will join enthusiastically with Protestants, Muslims with Sikhs or Pentecostals: with the only requirement for entering this sober, resolute and pious association being the noted understanding of law and government as based upon the law of God, as sanctioning that law as sole basis for earthly-juridical punishments. A law as at least minimally understood as utterly-foundational to human nature and properly-construed moral/rational life: that which has always abominated sodomy, aggressive war and abortion-on-demand. While finally the only belief system which I myself consider should be disallowed from this association is that of the Jews themselves, often mistakenly identified as a race: they who since the time of Our Blessed Lord, Whom they betrayed, are an entirely different breed than before. They whose most common method in an overwhelming majority of cases is stealth, infiltration, deception, Trojan-Horse-like sabotage and intrigue. They who no longer resemble the simple-hearted, heroic and virtuous Machabees of old. Jews who will rather very quickly see to their own accession to power, and the return of the masses to a demoralized state of ruin, if given the least chance. As has indeed been the case in the USA from the beginning to this very day.