Entirely undeserved charges of bigotry against ordinary citizens of Dixie.


Revised February 11, 2020

We speak here of two perfectly-distinct but seldom recognized elements in Dixie both past and present, with the typical genuine Southerner of all times, on the one hand, being a kind, respectful and tolerant person, devoted to the Christian moral law, being on the other hand opposed by a far-more-powerful but radically-less-numerous, often criminally-inclined rabble: a coercive constituency by common experience found everywhere that men abide. This latter tumultuous cabal in the Antebellum South peopled by a plurality of plantation owners and their barbaric overseers, having generational successors over time since then to carry on this vicious atavism, this residue of slavery, a shameful reality doomed to be perpetuated in the South to this day. All this as prepared in the secret-society-piloted rise of a rabid racist caste-system, ramroded immediately after the war by an elite-connected Ku Klux Klan. The noted kindly and considerate Southerner—whom one meets everywhere in every Southern state—having since those times continually lived in mortal fear of ever “crossing” the noted vicious and remorseless element, having repeatedly seen others less fearful, with a kind of mechanical inevitability, fall victim to assassination or other brutal atrocities, when they showed any least disagreement toward the sometime-brutal mistreatment of Blacks, indeed in some ways of anyone not of strictly Anglo features and ways. All this to be seen to this day across the South, if often hidden thriving under the surface, as testified as well after the Civil War by lead officers in the forces of the Northern post-war occupation. Field-grade commanders who found in some areas a state of near-chaos over this matter, almost another state-of-war.

Hence has slavery and racism always been a brainchild of secret societies and powerful special interests alike, most notably in the South but actually across the entire USA, with modern forms of racism and slavery being in fact entirely a Jewish creation, an ugly irruption never met with on earth, of an ownership in perpetuity of the offsprings of some new-bought slave. Aside from the times of the Pharaohs, “slavery” a form of labor in ancient times probably connoting today's idea of a “job”, but with the provision of housing and food and other extras suggesting membership in a household, a condition not at all obligatory to those yet to come of the same family line. But with the globe laid open, with the discovery of transoceanic lands after Columbus, and the dawn of the synagogue-financed era of colonial exploitation of vulnerable primitive tribes, peoples of an assortment of tongues and tribes began to be looked upon as more-or-less sub-human: that which indeed defines the Jewish-coined word goyim, or gentile. With this sort of “foreign policy” being indeed mercilessly continued in various ways by Uncle Sam to this very day. Hence the abominable slavery of the Colonial Tri-Cornered trade, originating in the commercial practices of the Northern States, as seen in ever-secretive, fabulously powerful and wealthy slave trading and owning interests, stubbornly ensconced in the New England North since early colonial times. With equally-grasping plantation-owning-or-managing lieutenants cunningly planted in “the South”, close on the heels of frontier-clearing land-speculator agents like Daniel Boone. This insistence upon slavery in the expanding territories of the USA plainly represented the insatiable desires of elite-serving politicians like Jefferson himself—part of a species with which we would all become only-too-well acquainted over coming years—never a true Southerner by any honest standard—being a member “in good standing” of an astute breed of precocious internationalists, already back then securely ensconced in D.C.

From this little preamble, then, may be accurately predicted the whole subsequent history of the South, and the final advent of that Civil War for which the common Southerner is so vociferously but unjustly blamed. The venture of slavery having from the start and as noted been the project of an expertly-planted breed with stout ties to financial interests of the North: a Southern slave-owning class who would subsequently drag their feet in a molasses-like prosecution of a Civil War already won at First Mananas by heroic Confederate generals and men-at-arms. A stunning, overwhelming victory, needing only to be followed up by a short march on D.C. of scarcely twenty miles, for which the way had been broadly cleared by panicked, canon-and-weapon-discarding and feverishly-fleeing men of the North. A well-earned triumph against incredible odds however rigidly and treacherously forbidden by Judah Benjamin, the Jewish then-Southern-Secretary-of-War. Slavery itself however was an evil institution which the common laboring Southerner hated with might and main, as related to us so many times by Dixie descendants out here on Crusade: slavery for one thing forcing him to compete with slaves who got no pay, obliging him to live in a similar harsh, impoverished and demeaning way. This all the while Southern land and society was by testimony of brilliant contemporary Northern observers like Olmstead left badly underdeveloped, bare of the prosperous commerce and intellectual culture enjoyed so abundantly up North. Its lands quickly exhausted by a slave-system which knew only the growing of cotton, planted largely by a despised and ill-trusted breed. Plantation-owners perpetually in debt to Northern cotton-buying interests and thus chained almost exclusively to its production, being held hostage as well by slave-trading cartels in the purchase of fantastically-expensive but shamefully-lusted-after and tyrannically-treated slaves. All this in imitation indeed of that great “democrat”, Jefferson himself, the sexual abuser of any number of female slaves, no doubt accounting for a great many of those myriads of Blacks who to this day bear the Jefferson name. The Confederate common soldier a valiant fighter, but one who scarcely ever fought out of any desire for the extension of slavery: that nefarious issue over which the war was finally joined. The Southern trooper rather impugning the North on the basis of his well-founded suspicions of Northern ideas and intentions, having rueful knowledge of a rapid proliferation of myriad forms of ideological radicalism up North, of which that region in the early-to-mid nineteenth century was already a virulent breeding-ground. With Marx's Manifesto and other related writings coming out well before the start of the Civil War. A hellish fanaticism thriving up North which, true to Southern citizen predictions, would only mushroom over a coming century-and-a-half, giving us today the ugly spectacle of childhood sodomy and abortion, forced upon Americans by secret-society-obedient courts and schools.

Hence today the much-remarked and justly-abhorred dominion of vicious and menacing sorts of men, a tiny minority among other Southerners held for over a century-and-a-half in the most enveloping kind of fear, especially in certain parts of Alabama and Mississippi. Places where anyone without the required perfectly-Anglo features is still basically forbidden to “walk like a man”, with the old requirement of “grinning and shuffling” scarcely having been abandoned, nor the humble stepping off the sidewalk at the White man's approach: in mistreatments to which onlooking Southerners scarcely dare to object. The “brave man” if ever challenged being ready to return to the “offender's” home during the night with ten others like himself, to wreak havoc, murder and mayhem, upon home and family alike. The far-more-numerous goodhearted Southerner being forced to this day to accommodate this sort of perfectly-alien behavior from a morally-inferior ruling breed, one with murder and rapine evident in cold-blooded eyes.

The Dixie then of the good and true: this is the Dixie we wish to reestablish, under the power, guidance and protection of God. Ah, yes, indeed, in the coming inevitable civil war—with forces of perversion, addiction and injustice pitted against those of virtue and goodwill—there will at first be chaos everywhere on our streets, as ever-secretive enemies of the good will be everywhere, and often identifiable only by prophetic enlightenments of the Holy Spirit of God. But forthwith the good will recognize one another, and manfully make common cause.

Secede! “Come out from among them...and touch not the unclean thing”.