Trump's swiftly approaching “Night of the Blackshirts”.

November 28, 2019

Hitler also had a crowd of studiedly-inept bunglers around his ears—well-rehearsed and carefully-choreographed, Schiff-and-Pilosi-like, assembled as if on signal on the other side of the Reichstag aisle, back then in halcyon early thirties times. Unacknowledged allies dutifully duplicated for Trump in today's Democrats, '30s-era milk-toast preliminaries providing stark and “heroic” relief for coming brutalities of the infamous “no nonsense”, “no turning back now” coup, ever afterward chillingly termed the “Night of the Blackshirts”. Conducted by that Adolph who would likewise foreshadow bizarre antics of Trump before shouting and swooning supporters: a repeat-performance lifted, fluttering banners and all, from the Iron Corporal's mid-century rallies of carefully-brainwashed also-“exceptionalist”, “Master-race” souls. A noisy, violent minority perfectly alien to we genuine Americans who would much rather remain a part of the human race. Trump's breathless and delirious supporters in their tens-of-thousands enlisted for their well-rewarded blank-faced stupidity, wined-and-dined on well-paying if p's and q's minding jobs. With the Donald's versions of near-comic stage-acts of the ever-zeig-heiling dictator found too in his self-clapping, stage-roaming renditions of the stiff-legged goose-step, recalling as well the little jig that Hitler so famously danced back then. Another self-congratulatory maneuver just after Adolph stepped off the railway car with the negotiated (hardly unconditional) surrender of France in his hand. The noted pitch-black “Night” a nocturnal pogrom during which a vast number of the Corporal's opponents in Germany were eliminated in the most special-ops-efficient possible way, after the manner of butchers of all times, including Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao Zhe Dung, hardly “free market capitalists” by any stretch of all-too-willing Trumpite minds. The bloody '30s massacre a playbook for the Gallagher set: “Great Warrior” atrocities to be praised by Trump as “only to be expected” among our new international-theater goons and death-squad-guys. All the tiringly-familiar heroism “of a piece” too with mounting vulgarities to which U.S. citizens, who once enjoyed a shred of public conversational decency, are being steadily introduced by this old-style fiend, who like his and Adolph's infernal mentor “roams the earth, seeking whom he may devour”. Indeed, and “not to worry”, eager undergrads all, the sodomites will get their hero in double measure in this classical Nazi “businessman”, and that much more quickly and thoroughly than they ever would have with “Mayor Pete”. The latter a poor wet-behind-the-ears imitation of this brutal crackpot, no doubt a pervert himself, being a likely direct moral/ideological descendant of that notorious transvestite Hitler, back then ensconced among like-minded freaks of the wartime Nazi High Command.

But there is a God up there to bring a day of reckoning to the Trumps and Pilosis, Budegiegs and Hitlers of all times. Just look at the sky, hear the howling of the wind, feel the frigid arctic air, shudder at the approach of a Sodom-and-Gomorrah-incinerating sun, the cause of all these alternating “global warming” anomalies. Tremble, then, cruel, war-and-womb-murdering and perverted master and follower alike, before the punishing hand of God. After which the law of God will be restored as the source of all law by the forces of good.