<p><i>March 21, 2007: The footprint of The Tribulation; the holism of Catholic Faith is our only hope.</p></i>


<p>In today’s Anglo/American/Jewish attempted to eradicate the genuine Catholic Way entirely from the globe the “end time”, “the tribulation”, “the Great Apostasy” lay before us entirely unveiled. While in things religious, since Vatican II the Church’s enemies are now <i>on the face of things</i> so completely in charge that they need fear little if any limitation being placed on their often-thinly-disguised scandalous, sinful lives: this while individuals, families, whole congregations sometimes occupy abject positions of <i>guinea pigs</i> in an experiment, prostrate before the limitless designs of forces hostile to the <i>Catholic Way</i>. Holy souls in certain cases even becoming mere fodder for the prurient lusts of the wicked, with the modern Vatican-II-vintage transformation of religion revealing itself in fuller form each day for the Satanic barbarity that it truly is.</p>


<p>Yet we must add in the same breath that the cause is far from lost; we still have the divine guarantees, “with us all days, even to the end of the world”. This is only the first of the Latter Day tests; it will be succeeded by others in a certain sense not near so bad. Then finally He will come, at which times these final trials will happily be at an end.</p>


<p>It seems as if Providence gave us acquaintance, for purposes of illustration, with a host of these hostile infiltrators, enemies in disguise, symptomatic in their own unique way of a cumulative abandonment over time of the <i>footprint</i> of Catholicism in custom and ultimately in law and public policy. As noted many times on this site, Catholics since the French and American Revolutions have surrendered the <i>practical field</i>, often with little real struggle, to the most cynical sorts of expedients: in a capitulation which inevitably reverse-loops itself in (originally Catholic) human institutions of every kind. Thus in practice making way for every sort of clever imposter or treacherous liar. As for instance in a U.S. Catholic transformation of marriage—under the cunning excuse of its equal societal/divine determination—in which divorce and remarriage have increasingly become the <i>de facto</i> rule of the day. Whereas in fact summits of nationally-specific Catholic custom/law, let alone of universal infallible doctrine, once attained or defined, are morally impossible to surrender: representing as this immovable theology/public-policy convergence does the very warp and woof of Civilization with a capital “C”. A totality never before—that is, until the cunning, dissembling, ingratiating Vatican II and its cookie-cutter anti-popes and anti-prelates—thought capable of coming under dispute. This unprecedented modern secret-society-driven ecclesiastical crisis being dovetailed by careful design with a radical <i>separation of morality and state</i> such as has formed a pernicious, bewildering pseudo-constitutional <mushroom cloud</i> since 9/11. One fruitful today in a Bush Administration abandonment of the most fundamental moral preambles of domestic and international law, and their replacement by untested and media-magnified, even <i>theatrical</i> 9/11-related quasi-absolutes. Here indeed—in a sort of <i>ad hoc</i> foundational reconstitution—being substantially borne out both the Jewish-lobby <i>in-house</i>, preplanned nature of 9/11 itself, as well as by methodological-association the close-kin wrecking-ball character of Vatican II. In an unprecedented lay/clerical convergence-of-methods never before seen in the annals of man.</p>


<p>Yet this infiltration and enabling divorce of the Catholic Way from the details of daily life is nothing new: with the reentry of the Jewish element into the fold already lamented in bitter tones by the Apostles and by the councils of the early Church. While the tendency of the Sons of David toward a strange combination of the rigoristic and the hedonistic and cynical—that weird twin stranded contradiction found at the base of all financially-extractive, dualist/divisive, methodologically-abstract/numerological, Gnostic/anti-matter creeds—would find a strong ally in a Constantine and successors of the above-noted Arian era. Rulers who would interpret their place as being at the very pinnacle of the Church, trumping entirely, incredibly, all innately-holistic and -unifying priestly power. With the pope in Rome translated by these imperial figures—some of them merely ignorant, others treacherously ill-inspired—into the position of a mere powerless figurehead, a ceremonial “man in soft garments”, barely permitted the honor of serving in “the palaces of kings”. Several of which pontiffs, “true Israelites in whom there (was) no guile”, were imprisoned, starved and/or beaten to death within thick and towering Byzantine walls, upon repeated occasions in which they trustingly ventured thereto. The highest secular authority having thus been essentially construed—in the minds of these eager successors to the Antioch-oriented, autocratic Diocletian—as a gross exaggeration of the <i>Pontifex Maximus</i>—or, roughly, “highest bridge to the gods”—function of the Roman Emperors. An honorary duty which most earlier Western Caesars, but for some mad Nero or Caligula here or there, had hardly taken as seriously as would this early fourth century adherent of Mid-Eastern emperor-worship. An essentially <i>lay-liturgical</i> task which for these Early Romans had been little more than a prestigious ceremonial, one entirely suited to the characteristically-looser parameters of a polytheistic world. A function now however to be taken up by Eastern-Christian monarchs as basically more pertinent to the Christian creed than <i>Christ Himself</i> and His highly-divergent teaching. So that here is to be found the real genesis of the Orthodox religion, to the extent it differs from true Catholic Faith: a Schism whose historical inspiration is to be found in this caesaro-papism of Eastern emperors, in a radical morally and intellectually repugnant ecclesiastical subservience to secular power. Rather than Orthodoxy having been founded in a much-made-over but fantasy-based elevation of a see of Constantinople, let alone of a later Moscow: both of which were founded long after Apostolic times. Rather indeed several centuries—in the case of Moscow, a whole millennium—after the death of the last Apostle.</p>


<p>Yet all this vast tangle of political/religious falsehoods is on the point of being roundly repudiated by a once-autocratic but now republican, Communism-chastened Russia: a land now painfully reminded of the harsh, counterproductive, unbending nature of older Orthodox atavisms by a Georgian cult of St. George which now nip at her southern border. An inflammatory Orthodoxy which raises a host of other ugly and embarrassing manifestations on occasion in places like Serbia, or less notably or frequently in Armenia or a Radical-Monophysite Ethiopia as well.</p>


<p>This Jewish-brokered creation of a Christianity in which some of the central elements of the Savior’s merciful, reasonable, relenting doctrine would be deleted or politely ignored—at times reducing national forms of the Faith into little more than a medley of blood-oaths and blood-feuds or Bush military “crusades”, cheek-to-jowl with the most voluptuous excesses of “divine and all-perfect” (but all the more easily manipulated) rulers—would proceed apace in the reigns of the Hohenstaufens of Germany. Those <i>Ghibbelines</i> who would violently contest that early Papal <i>Republic of Rome</i> which quietly throve in an unprecedented proto-Christian-democratic form of self-government until its final twelfth century demise largely at their own bloody hands. While this transformation of the earth—with the devil seemingly “released for a thousand years”, as predicted in the Apocalypse—would advance with incalculable force in the onslaught of mercantile capitalism. At the center of whose financial engines would be an Italy further weakened as a Catholic force by the early sixteenth century, having lost much of its original Roman culture and population through a series of bloody attacks and proto-mafia-like vendettas. This by Greek-admiring German, Sicilian and Medici Byzantine-protégés: then in the process of forming a formidable syndicate basically still globally-ascendant to this day. Reproducing in more sophisticated form the old Jewish-brokered slave-trade, once carried on under Muslim, Frisian, early English and other flags. Ultimately giving place to dualistic moral anomalies of <i>might makes right</i> regimes like those of a Hitler or a Bush.</p>


<p>Hence do interlopers like the odd character spoken of here seldom reference life to higher things, or give grace preferential standing in the assessment of souls, but rather espouse as the universal causative a base and vulgar <i>least common denominator</i>. Apart from which claims of anything more exalted or profound are judged to be an illusion; a best a Freudian “sublimation” of some base sexual drive. That secular creed namely in which he had with great thoroughness been schooled. But especially germane to the testimony presented here is the manner in which this imposter is able to “transform himself into an angel of light”; for in traditionalist circles, everywhere he goes, he is <i>to this very day</i> considered a kind of matchless ascetic, a heroic penitent, a saint. Having all the much-vaunted earmarks of the shallow and easily-duplicated “holiness” of the most fanatical of today’s traditionalist crowd, with an added hypnotic Rasputin-like aura under whose spell many of both sexes have fallen. A vintage grim and austere manner grown much more pronounced of late, astute maneuvers learned precisely in order to become a familiar figure to the traditionalist fold. Where he could bask in their admiration, exploit those not sufficiently sober, vigilant, discerning and aware.</p>


<p>In pursuit of this grim aura of holiness this lecher has for many years posted huge photos of aborted babies in his home and on his property: a testimony however not to his love of life but to a sort of <i>black hole</i>, anti-matter <i>radical reverse imaging</i> of same. Rather do all these graphics bear stark witness to a perverse <i>hatred</i> and scorn of both infancy and womanhood: that unnatural loathing for both the weak and helpless and the generous and fruitful for which sodomites are universally well-known. </p>


<p>As suggested the point of this whole article is to sound the alarm concerning a Church-invasion of growing significance. To plead more rigorous criteria for acceptance into the ranks of the holy. Let alone of religiously-believed witnesses against the lives of others. The devout Catholic soul possesses qualities much broader and more universal than they are construed today: as we fall ever deeper into a theatrical, two-dimensional, Orthodox or Byzantine view of life and Faith. A good Catholic must be recognized as someone who practices the ever positive and holistic Catholic Way in all respects: being far from a harsh or charismatic grand-stander. And finally, the convergence of religion and law must be renewed, since the former is the very foundation and formative of the latter, and keeps it in line with that “law written on the human heart”, the basis of all natural law. That which is essentially coterminous with an ever-positive and constructive reason or conscience. The two realms together comprising a unified, seamless whole in which alone human life may be secure. That reason which has been entirely abandoned today in favor of every sort of new and unreasonable “right”: as of sodomites to in effect stalk their prey, while “conservative” presidents and senators look the other way. Or of a pregnant woman over what she calls her “privacy”. Or of school-teachers and media-kingpins to pervert the morality of the young. Or of our military to wage unjust and aggressive wars, to torture prisoners under open and secret provisions of Patriot Act II and the ever-expanding prerogatives of “wartime” executive privilege and of “enhanced executive” power.</p>  




<p>The dual simplicity/complexity of human nature is a paradox whose understanding is positively critical to conflict resolution, and whose perpetual misconstruction is ever the province of evil men. For there are great profits to be had in narrowing the spectrum of ones vision at key moments, in trivializing a humanity—in some especially vulnerable form—which shares the instinctual nature of an animal and yet is created in order to be raised to so unitary and exalted a level as to <i>see God</i>. With this celestial privilege superimposed upon all the preexisting complexity of the highest of animals—one with a rational mind and soul—an un-meritable endowment which among the just spreads its divine fragrance marvelously abroad upon these lesser capacities and drives. While the fact that we all live in different climes, speak different tongues, develop under different traditions, only adds a further complication. One which is crowned, finally, by the fact that these cultural or national specificities only go to a certain depth. They utterly do not affect our human nature itself, which is universally the same everywhere, among everyone.</p>


<p>“But among the wicked, not so, not so”. The complexity of evil men produces no such harvest of the soul, but rather a morbidity which seeks to slay a thousand innocent contingencies so that <i>laissez faire simplistic</i> abstractions might rule the day. The divisive “intelligence” of newly ascendant racists strongly bolstering a Bush, a Chaney as they condescendingly put global humanity in a thousand supply and indebtedness facilitated chains. The numerological intelligence at the base of their extractive, preemptive sort of power being a sort of diabolical hidden corridor, a “beam me up” escape hatch from the realities of earthly life. There where our salvation is played out: “when I was hungry, you gave me to eat”. </p>


<p>Thus it is that amid all the ranging capabilities of man—in the innumerable and ever contingent elements of his animal, vegetative, rational or spiritual life—it is always possible to put something more exalted down below something by which it should rather be served. So that it is here among these complications, and even-more-mystifying simplicities—stemming from the fully-engaged or ever-incipient binary human/divine quality of everything in our being—that conflict and confusion will abound if wicked souls do indeed prevail. We can always choose not to <i>bother</i> to give due attention to the native customs of others, to the priorities of their creeds, because we have in mind thereby to “intelligently” take something that is not rightfully ours, to put into play a set of political deceptions which both destroy our fellow man and cause him onerously to bear the blame. Robbing some word or gesture of Tarik or Mohamed around the conference table—or Erik or Guinn around the dinner table—of its true native complexity, and make it into a naked, startling statement of aggression or greed. And thereby attain to some new level of prestige, even be perceived as a leader, a “forceful personality”, the next president or the new “favorite son”. For doing justice to that ultimately-inscrutable binary entity, a human being—let alone a whole regional or national culture—in whose fair and equitable recognition is played out the practical and pedestrian test or harbinger of our eternal destiny—is an extremely complicated affair. In fact requiring that we “meditate upon His law day and night”, for this justice, this fairness, to be attained in every way, in dealings with every man.</p>


<p>Ah, yes, and then there’s that final escape hatch from personal moral responsibility, in which we blankfacedly—or more likely, with mock humor—pretend that those who hold us to account for the sterile, divisive and extractive <i>complexities of malice</i>—so different from those of true human life—are pitiful victims of paranoid conceits.</p>


<p>Curious, then, but eminently fitting is the fact that justice, fairness, peace, always have something <i>lumbering</i> about them, like a whale or a bear. They reach from the bottom up, representing with a patient, sometimes prodigal generosity every single human peculiarity, every nexus of the creature with the divine, within the comprehensive justice of their embrace. When we begin to hear the strident tones of a Chaney, a Blair or an Olmert—demanding the world march in instantaneous, precisely-measured cadence and form—then we know something has gone terribly awry.

And it is because of this turning of the weaker or more complex things of man against himself, so that we might extract some booty from his agony and travail, that Christ will someday say “amen, amen, I say to you, <i>I do not know you</i>.” For He knows not indeed such an intelligence, which to Him is sheer waste and nothingness. That in which “the children of this world are indeed wiser in the ways of the world than are the children of light”. A worldly wisdom which unfortunately motivates today’s world, its educational curricula, its corporate business culture, our media.</p>


<p>It is through this very cipher of true and valid human complexity, this prism, then, that we most accurately judge the metal of men. This as against a Juliani, the 9/11 <i>man on the scene</i>, having indeed seemingly stepped into a <i>scripted role</i>. Said to be once again “the man of the hour”, having supplanted <i>even Bush</i> in this capacity, the latter said to be <i>mired</i> in the failures of Iraq. Back then evincing an air-of-the-indomitable, at a time when everyone else was running helter-skelter too and fro. A fact which might mark him out for special investigation when the inexorable day-of-reckoning over a patently ”in-house job” finally dawns. A man whose face is a very mirror of an inward complexity-of-deceit: that Jewish anti-Christ caricature of intelligence which brings death rather than life. Meanwhile we have people like Biden—a demo who skillfully mocks the noble simplicity of the common man—bellowing about the “lack of a plan”, instead of sniffing out multiple paths of treason performed on that infamous day, among those who prepared for us this meat-grinder War. Can’t this politician see the unbroken chain of incriminating evidence, one which plainly stretches all the way back to the assassination of John Kennedy, who was just then busy preparing to definitively put to an end this military-industrial-complex-enriching <i>culture-of-war</i>? Can’t he grasp that the butchers of this War are anything but “<i>clueless</i>”? Being purveyors of a conspiracy which seeks to reduce the world population drastically through war, disease and famine. The conspiracy of evil against good being as old as Satan, and hardly open to humorous question. Sure he can see, but he refuses to look. Meanwhile his traitor-coddling allegations are as disgustingly off the mark as droning Republican admonitions toward Congressional and popular “courage”.</p>


<p>But of all the deceits of our day and time the crowning diabolical stupor mundi prize must be relegated to this latest campaign video, falsely attributed to the Obama people: the horrible, diabolical representation of Orwell’s 1984. A weird ad against Hillary Clinton which bears the distinct imprint of Dick Chaney, Carl Rove or some such key element of the geo-corporate league. A piece of depravity not worthy of description, one which seeks forever to erase from the popular mind the intrinsic convergence of totalitarianism and Zionist/Neo-Con-Republican corporate power. That totality in which a Hillary Clinton is either a mere diversion or a potential enemy—judging by this unprecedented opposition—wavering, albeit willy-nilly, in the direction of pro-life.</p>


<p>God only knows what the coming casting-of-dyes will mean, of an adequate measuring of that binary greatness/helplessness of humanity. I only hope that it comes about according to God’s timetable, not that of these swaggering Republican fiends. These traitors who will always have some new “man of the hour”, trained for these exploitive purposes expertly in advance. Within this Jewish indoctrination, of “knowing which buttons to press” in the popular mind. Who know how to bring forward some new scapegoat, some new fall guy, in the nick of time. By which a people such as we would be dissolved into utter distraction by new cataclysms, orchestrated by a whole new issue of newly-minted scoundrels, cheered on by a lot Irish/Jew, macho-man-immature O’Reillys. Americans having forgotten all the old skills of discernment, learned at the knee of Holy Mother Church, of Our Blessed Lady.</p>


<p>But we have before us the example of St. Joan of Arc, “Joan the maid”, a humble girl. We must go before the altars of the saints, as did she, and beg their intercession, for a humanity as frail as it is great. Then we must “put on the armor of Faith”, by which alone we may attain our tryst with the divine, and do what is required. As God will teach us from within, and with reference to teachings and traditions as old as the Catholic Way. Turning resolutely from the false erudition of numerology-obsessed adepts, the practitioners of an elitist, idolatrous, sharp-edged, destructive, cancerous intelligence which doesn’t deserve the name. No, my friend, you needn’t have one of today’s mostly-useless degrees to make a difference, to “be a player”: you are one already in the truly-all-seeing Eyes of Almighty God.</p>


<p>Achieving this kind of resolve will be especially difficult today since this global fabric of traitors—for whom innocent-looking front-men are always required—has <i>radically unified</i> all of modern life into a <i>supply-chain-managed</i> Orwellian nightmare. So that it seems as if we must all act together—traitors and all—or be doomed to complete chaos. But this mole-ridden attempt at a quasi-divine omnipotence is a house of straw that will burn quickly to the ground, while we ourselves put our trust entirely in a good God. It is the Good Spirit Who will identify us to one another in a profoundly peaceful, <i>recollected</i> (stamped with the presence of God) manner and mien: inimitable qualities which will be our passwords in that difficult hour. Stamped recognizably by a God Who, as recorded in the annals of saints—and as we ourselves have in many ways repeatedly seen—has often filled empty kitchen cabinets of the just, from out of the thin air. A God Who, as with the monastic forebears of the good Padre Pio, has been known to visit at meal time pious monks seated blithely and trustingly before <i>empty</i> refectory tables, in the guise of a smiling man with a huge basket of food. Who when searched for high and low, to receive abundant thanks, was found to have <i>left no footprints in the mountainous drifts of snow</i>. These turncoats having cleverly put all our own eggs in one far different sort of basket can be vanquished with the help of Almighty God.</p>


<p>But it is interesting the way these power-tyrants have erected another tyranny across the seas, so that conflict, that in which they thrive, in which their profane “virtues” may ever glossily shine, may continue in ever-greater scope and degree. For there is indeed a species of “Islamic militant”: but it is precisely the boogeyman which these global ghouls, these “enemies of mankind” themselves have cultivated for well-over a millennium, and which they originally brought into being. A bloody enforcer on the caravan-routes of the Middle East elevated in a flash to carrier of the slave-trade from Constantinople to the Irish Sea. A militant Islam which is preeminently <i>their Frankenstein</i>. It is the gaining of one last go-around out of an Islam which in the mid-seventeenth century was already beginning to breath its last. An Islam which since then has lost its original defining nature, which has become more humane by the day. The artificial raising of a fundamentalism which provides the perfect adversary for an uncannily-similar counterpart found on these shores. For those falsehoods found among the sons of men always involve some oversimplification of the marvelous complexities of our race, some denial of the profundities of our calling, of the <i>staggering</i> condescensions of grace, of the divine folly which espouses to itself an ungrateful human race. A bride from whom the “mud and the blood” of unfaithfulness, prefigured forever in the Jews, must first be scraped, before she can be admitted into the chamber of the divine Groom.</p>


<p>And neither is it right that we hesitate, that we be passive recipients any longer of further harm, we of “the household of the Faith”. No, it is for us to be rampant, like Jesus with His <i>knotted cord</i>. This time driving the perpetual money-changers, the eternal falsifiers, out of the Temple of the Church, the corridors of government. To show forth to all that courage is not a lot of dramatic gesture and loud and boastful talk. Rather to go forth lovingly, resolutely, if necessary to our deaths. We must end the reign of these rats, by what means a Good God provides; these grinning or bellowing liars; these enemies of our Faith, our families, our nation. These vermin who believe they are entitled, with stirring preamble and bill-of-sales, to own “the wealth of nations”, and in a special way of our own. Which of course means us too, as their chattel slaves, and our sons and daughters to be slaughtered in unjust wars. That age-old Jewish-brokered bondage-enterprise, in various eras under ostensible Muslim, Byzantine, Tatar, Viking, Northumbrian or “American” auspices.</p>


<p>Actually, in such a resolute, intrepid venture, I look to those not yet Catholic far more than to the typical old lukewarm Catholic crowd. I look to those who have read the material on this website, and in whose souls the Catholic “Way, the Truth and the Life” stir mightily. Who are ready to reestablished the Church in its pristine purity, in its distributive justice, its profound, childlike simplicity of heart: that which lay at the base of an innately just and profoundly pacific law and way of life. Intrepid souls schooled in the terrors and torments of this our very own “day of infamy”; youthful souls who have tested the waters of school-room and school-yard sodomy and other forms of perversity and found them wanting. Namely John Kennedy’s “New Generation of Americans” who as lyricized in a ballad written just after his heroic death were “born to the task to keep us free”. Men and women coming to the fore in the immediate future, worshippers of God “in spirit and in truth”. They who will join with us in one indomitable chorus: Give us liberty, or give us death.</p>


<p><i>March 21, 2007: The post Vatican II invasion of Catholicism by the occult: a story of a treacherous soul.</p></i>


<p><i>February 2, 2007: Florida, Eichmann-like killer of Terri Schiavo, putter of little Black girls in handcuffs, you haven’t seen the last of God’s wrath by a long shot.</p></i>


<p><i>June 23, 2007: Man as cooperator with Christ in salvation of the race.</p></i>


<p>Our Blessed Lord suffered the trials of His life strictly as a human being, while the eternally-blissful Divinity itself, by terms of the profound mystery of the Hypostatic Union of human and divine natures, was totally removed from all associated pain. Thus are we required to be united with our Captain on this human plane, to pitch in, as it were, in an enterprise entirely human in terms of its actors. Whether in “making up for what is lacking in the passion of Christ”, in offering no resistance to the infusions of Divine Wisdom into our minds and souls, in becoming human channels and reservoirs of the Divine Love, as was He. We don’t properly rest on <i>His laurels</i>, like your typical fat-cat neo-capitalist of Bush-“born again” USA, but go on confidently to contribute what we can, in fighting an enemy He has “already overcome”.</p> 


<p><i>February 16, 2007: Bush’s <b>Reign of Terror</b>: Modern Militant ideology trumps moral principle under the New Fascism.</p></i>


<p>That bald, open-ended statement heard so much today, the final resort when all else fails, namely the <i>”stand by our troops”</i> slogan, claimed to muster all the moral force of the Ten Commandments, is actually one of the principle props of a <i>New Fascism</i> identified on this site. Suggesting as it does that our military—rather than being armed representatives of American popular authority, their only genuine role—actually themselves <i>started</i> this Hellishly-unjust War. And that they furthermore themselves require us, by some duty of faith and love, to be their meek, mindless supporters. In a conflict, finally, which in their own supposed Hollywood-inculcated cosmology is only fought for the sake of their <i>brothers-in-arms</i>, not for any particular morally-just <i>cause</i>. Here being several <i>ideological tigers</i> in a row, chasing one-another’s tails in such rapid revolutions as to turn into a nice butter to cover a skimpy White House foreign-policy bread. A substitute for the divine law which is critical to the fashioning of a <i>New World Order</i> divorced radically from the Christian Western past. A new morality seemingly containing self-sacrificial elements associated with Christianity, yet capable of dime-turning parade-ground pivots, of radical departures from the Decalogue’s true context, orientation, or character. New categoricals rather than producing the genuine ethos of the self-sacrificing Christ, the sublime motive-terminal of Western law and Civilization alike, rather bringing into being the <i>blood and steel</i> of a <i>New Nazism</i>. Quite a divergent outcome indeed.</p>


<p>Ironically, there really is a genuine, morally-sound way to “stand behind our troops”, but it would run perfectly counter to the above-described carefully-orchestrated charade. Namely to turn “our boys” lose on the <i>real enemy</i>: those Mossadists and certain corporate-mercenary <i>agents provocateurs</i> who are the real enemies of the Iraqi people. Representing those global forces to which Bush and his corporate henchmen are actually loyal, loud patriotic pretensions notwithstanding. In this way we could “clean up” Iraq in a matter of weeks, scouring that land of those who keep it in turmoil with new “sectarian attacks” and other ingenious incendiaries, just when things seem to be going <i>on-the-mend</i>. Whose tactics are discussed in details in several of the entries below.</p>


<p>But this revolt against Western tradition doesn’t only come out of newsrooms or boot-camps, but from the very summits of Western religion, whether we speak of Vatican II or of the latest guru of the “Born Again” new Christian Right. An overthrow which amounts to a package of Jewish imperatives, in which that religion’s definitive pursuit of purely earthly goals is paramount, and all true Christian idealism and morality is classified as delusional, pretentious.</p>


<p>But critical to the establishment of this moral <i>anti-system</i> with a forcefulness all its own would be some vaunted <i>heroic symbol</i>: if possible resembling, indeed replacing, that of the Holy Cross of Christ. An execrable <i>sham</i> found in the <i>legend of the Holocaust</i>, planned meticulously by the intimate alliance of Nazis and Zionists during the Hitler regime; that which is now enshrined in Europe as effectively taking the place of Christianity; that which was the fountainhead of the false spirituality of Vatican II; that which now pseudo-justifies the barbarous aggressions being carried on in Iraq, Afghanistan, and for sixty years and running against the Palestinians. All this with massive, fanatical American support.</p>


<p>In support of this new veritable doctrine of the crucifixion of the Jews there has arisen a <i>dour new Christian orthodoxy</i>: among Catholics in place of the clown masses, hippie masses, rosary-stomping and other ultra-excesses of the immediate-post-Vatican-II recent past. A false traditionalism in all creeds which is positively critical to keeping noted Fascist ideological principles in force. The place of the Catholic Church itself—in its most visible institutions—having become, at long last, after centuries of persecution which brought us some of our greatest popes and saints, to blankfacedly <i>back up the state</i>, the secular milieu. And beyond that to cravenly serve, red or white hat-in-hand, a world ruled by the Jewish money-lenders. That very ribald crowd for whom Jesus made a <i>knotted cord</i>, to drive them out of His and His Father’s Temple. An obsequious church much as was the case in medieval Byzantium, or in the <i>Official church</i> of a Stalinist Soviet Union or Maoist Red China. A transformation you see in all its stark colors in its treatment of the poor, which is devoid of the ageless Catholic love, respect and compassion.</p>


<p>But this Biblically-predicted <i>Great Apostasy</i> will not prevail: as “God will not be mocked”, and He even now pounds the USA and Europe—the twin seats of moral treachery—with punishing blizzards and strange mishaps of every kind. The apocalyptic weather, at the tail-end of a month of power-outages and stranded motorists, being grossly underreported by the media of our Bush/corporatocracy—the mirror image of the Hitler/Krupp-class industrialist alliance—as the season’s “first real storm”.</p>



<p><i>February 6, 2007: These divine punishments are only the beginning.</p></i>


<p>Since the doing-to-death of Terri Schiavo I have been warning that the USA is going to be brought to its knees for its anti-life sins, whether in its shameful endorsement of sodomy, it’s tens of millions of abortions, the global infamy of its openly-proclaimed embarkation upon the path of <i>perpetual</i> aggressive warfare, or in the growing numbers of murders and other hideous atrocities perpetrated upon the physically and developmentally disabled. Only weeks after making this prediction, Florida was hit with devastating tornados and hurricanes, close on the heels of which came Katrina, Rita, and the unearthly forest and brush fires, with the latter continuing to rage in Texas and other parts of the country, making breathing almost impossible for many. With the entire West last summer shrouded in a thick blanket of smoke, eerily resembling an atomic-war aftermath. Catastrophic storms, since that time, have continued basically non-stop, culminating in the strange weather-terrors of the Northwest, way back in the Fall, the ongoing Colorado-Kansas-Nebraska blizzard fiasco, the recent unprecedented February tornados in central Florida, and finally this latest deadly and devastating cold-blast across half the nation. Even as it remains that our <i>News-Speak</i> media isn’t telling us the half of it, our emergency and organizational infrastructure is hamstrung by racism and a protocol-ridden techno-interface run amuck, and the ambient Bush/Republican anarchy/totalitarianism reigns chaotically-supreme.</p>


<p>America, you will be brought to your knees by Almighty God, willingly or not, until the day you make reparation for your crimes, and rescind these diabolical anti-life laws and policies. Instituting in their stead a system which, while concerning itself materially with the things of man, is nonetheless first and foremost, by formal consecration, ordered to the honor and glory of God, and the public upholding of His law. This as written on the tablets of the human heart and revealed to mankind in the Christian revelation. This latter finding parallels, if I may use the Biblical figure, “obscurely…, as in a mirror”, in the rational laws and traditions of most non-Christian lands: with reason properly-formed being indeed the inseparable twin-sister to the human <i>moral conscience</i> properly-disposed. Such good socio-legal traditions, easily amplifying themselves under international encouragement, constitute the only solid and immovable foundations for world peace. Rough-chiseled nation-specific stones ultimately capable of a mortared-solidification on that day when “all will be one fold, one Shepherd.” And this willing, joyful, all sides <i>with utter contempt</i> repudiating the force of arms: as in the first millennium’s Gothic and Frankish, Saxon and Viking instinctual, <i>uncontainable</i> accession to Catholic Faith.</p>


<p><i>February 10, 2007: Reciprocity: the very soul of human society.</p></i>


<p>The Spirations of the Divine Love, the breathing back and forth of the Holy Ghost between the Father and the Son, celestial Poles of equal agency and power, are eternal models of the mutual enablement also required of men. A Catholic society, like those of Europe which developed uniquely over centuries under Western law, always cultivates analogous <i>reciprocations</i> which are at the very root of enlightened development cultural, material, intellectual. While conversely it is repugnant to genuine love to impose, to force ones attentions, good or bad, on someone else, seen as a mere receptacle, a passive vessel of our generosity, whether punitive or benign. The catalytic interchanges of the Trinitarian model being furthermore as essential to the one who leads or initiates as they are to the receiver: a relationship which quickly turns itself around, with the erstwhile recipient becoming the giver in trebled terms empowered. The Heavenly exchanges of the Love and Knowledge of God setting the tone of free exchange that must reign below.</p>


<p>Hence we must not continue marching around the globe planting some “American Dream”. For as our own campaigning soldiers know and indeed admire so well, the Iraqis and Afghanis have their own dream, from which we ourselves have much to learn. Here being a lesson equally applicable in the home, where the prime virtue of parents is that in the same breath they both instruct and encourage: comprising an irreplaceable heirloom of the Christian millennia given little credit by the child development experts of today. To simply command in a peremptory way is to deny the child that reciprocal agency-encouraging <i>drawing out</i> which their own unique identity requires; while conversely to merely encourage without a certain forcefulness is equally sterile form. Here yet more being a relationship entirely specific to the individual home, one which is gravely damaged by the preemptive input of someone from outside. A reciprocity whereby the child becomes a worthy bearer of the family crest, a “player”, a progeny properly-so-called, ready for the responsibilities of life at an early age, as in times past. Rather than remaining a passive receptacle of external input from the cradle to the grave, as is so much the case in today’s USA. A maturation, furthermore, which modern “alternative family” forms, it goes without saying, are radically incapable of imparting.</p>


<p><i>April 15, 2007: Racist language. The fateful lightning. Updated and developed, with commentary on the sickening sanctification of the striptease-watching La Crosse team.</i></p>


<p>The inability of an allegedly repeat-raped Black girl to sustain her case in court against a set of White Ivy-league “stag-party”-goers is the sort of thing that our society used to pass by rather ruefully, without much comment. Certainly without a lot of unseemly, contradictory <i>crowing/lament</i> about <i>horribly victimized</i> rich Anglo-Irish males. While similarly the fact that the Prosecutor involved, winning or losing, pursued such a case with great passion was never before regarded as meriting shame: indeed, quite the contrary. Even as these media and counter-suit-bringing elites have yet to convince me that evidence was withheld from defense attorneys in a manner much beyond standard procedure in certain kinds of cases. But suddenly these young men are appearing on national TV, giving keynote addresses, being toasted and boasted basically as being “our best”. The same guys who shouted catcalls as the girl went into her professionally-provocative turns. But I myself have known a far-better day, even for youthful White manhood in the USA. However what all this display does guarantee is that prosecutors will be less forthcoming in prosecuting these innately-thorny, uphill cases, if they might easily face damage-bringing, career-trashing elitist attorneys for their trouble if they fail. In a USA still enthralled in Puritan/anti-matter pathologies that trigger both racism and the uniquely-American perversity of <i>macho-rite-of-passage</i> rape. This latter in a literal as well as figurative sense being a bizarre characteristic of our foreign policy as well. Assuring furthermore that rape-victims will be even less forthcoming than they already are: in a counter-allegation-ridden, brutally-adversarial U.S. court-system before which few bruised souls, traditionally the special concern of the law, can stand. So far, I haven’t seen anything true-to-form, connoting unquestionable innocence, in the words or manner of an allegedly mal-accused threesome. But I did hear what seemed to me to be a “Freudian slip” out of one of these young men: who with momentarily-lowered head spoke of “our families’ unjust shame”, <i>but not of his own</i>. No doubt all this will help along the present return of racism to full-flush form, and the nationwide establishment of that peculiar Dixie group-heroism which was always so good at revenging itself on lone Blacks, Catholics or political opponents. As in the case of a certain Sumner (as I remember, a member of Lincoln’s cabinet), just days or weeks before the outbreak of the Civil War, and as retold on Book TV today, who was beaten nearly to death by a surprise assailant with a stout cane. This all the while the attacker’s ever-<i>brave</i> Southern colleagues, in a well-planned chamber-ambush, held Sumner’s contemporary Lincoln-Republicans who were there clever at bay, in horrified disbelief and astonishment, for the few cowardly moments required.</p> 


<p>But date-rape and catcalls notwithstanding, the racism we should be concerned about now is more often than not meticulously excluded from speech, with the <i>new bigotry</i> of a super-slick, super-“clean” kind, often destroying targets of hatred and prejudice without so much as a nasty look. While only demanding that the new class of up-and-coming people-of-color not seriously concern themselves with defending their poorer racial-colleagues. Indeed, fashionable Blacks are today pretty much <i>expected</i> to conduct themselves like Philadelphia lawyers or Wall Street execs, being showpieces for a new, silent and more-dangerous racism than ever seen before. Whose masters are breezily aware that there’ll be plenty of time to humiliate, to impoverish these temporary Black well-to-do, without much further ceremony, after all their confreres, their strength-in-numbers potential-reciprocal-defenders, have been irretrievably ruined financially, socially, occupationally. After all the spiffy new Chinese, Mexicans, Hungarians and Salvadorans have stepped over their heads to “go on to newer flights”, as did Southern and Eastern Europeans of generations past. Ah, all these “industrious” illegals, future beneficiaries of an impending “comprehensive immigration reform”, supported by Black and White Democrats alike, and many Republicans as well: how “necessary” these newcomers are to greasing the wheels of this ever-racist society and economy. Who needs to call names anymore, at least for the time being?</p>


<p>But most of these immigrants, illegal or otherwise, don’t themselves ultimately escape the contagion of the New Racism, which will strike their offspring without mercy, and which will allow every evil to flourish with new volume among them, feeding especially into the activities of The Mob. Providing a whole underground network of super-macho stooges and promoters, rappers all, and of every color—heirs to Boomer “real rock” true-blue Anglo Whites—who prevent the decent-minded poor from gaining employment, trying to force them to join forces in peddling and/or consuming some new or old powder or pill. Or at least to adopt the loud and boorish lingo and habits that socially facilitate same. Indeed, the barbaric social ethos of the cellblock and prison-yard are inescapably imposed upon the poor male of any race wherever he goes in this oh-so-enlightened post-Kennedy time, in whatever circumstances: residential, occupational, pedestrian, in some office or store. The escape from which Orwellian nightmare, furthermore, positively requires certain earmarks of status: i-pod, nice car, etc, for which many will <i>rob or even kill</i>. So that as a consequence there is today much fantastic peril involved in simply wanting to remain humble in appearance, perhaps in an age-old layman’s token imitation of St. Francis of Assisi: since that solidly-Catholic impulse will easily bring about your complete, irretrievable situational or even mental/emotional demise. For the poor man or woman is regarded by nearly all—passing judgment with morbid finality, with faces hard enough to crack rocks upon—as having crossed some <i>staggeringly-significant</i> threshold, being treated and spoken-to in a fathomlessly-demeaning way. Being expected—as enforced by a whole array of cheaply-bought condescensions from every boor, barmaid, office-worker or store-clerk—to <i>act the part</i>, of contender in the next bum-fights episode. Resistance to which brutally-unfair and personality-destructive regimen is <i>itself</i> likely- and ironically-enough indeed to be interpreted as a sure sign of some sort of <i>ruthless criminality</i> or its closest kin. Or if this unfortunate’s appearance is at all Mediterranean—let alone Middle Eastern—of some sort of <i>terroristic</i> or other pathological <i>state of mind</i>. This program-of-social-annihilation being close kin historically to an inescapable “let’s lighten up” imperative imposed for a century by themselves-dour-faced D.A.R. stock. Doughty enforcers of the same Anglo-Protestant fantasy which greeted Croatian and Italian immigrants when they first hit the docks in New York City. Where these mostly grave and sober folk—heirs of two millennia of the most refined Civilization on earth—were first, with unrenderable shock and astonishment, initiated into the idea that <i>healthy</i> Southern Europeans, much like Blacks, were supposed to be some kind of <i>comedians</i>. Or mimes, tap-dancers, boxers or <i>clowns</i>. This whole ensemble of hoary Anglo atavisms comprising however only one of many old and rat-infested prejudicial value-sewers re-tapped for human consumption on the heels of 9/11, as being supremely “patriotic” fare. The disturbing reappearance of prejudice of every kind in the USA being neatly, retroactively justified, tacitly, sacrosanct-good-ole-boy style, associated with “what is best in America”, before the smoke of 9/11 had cleared. This in major part through the noted replay of the old race- or nationality-specific equating of gravity-of-manner with mental illness or hidden criminal intent, a staggering slander given a new lease on life in the person of the ever-earnest Muslim. He who stands forth in bold relief as a veritable prototype of what had been contemptuously discarded among Catholics—and jump-on-the-bandwagon Protestants—at Vatican II and during its giddy aftermath.</p>


<p>Thus for instance, regarding the poor in general, a man I know, having recently, after many years of financial solvency, gone completely broke, who, he and his spouse being given spot employment in exchange for a month’s lodging, “while they got situated”, were expected—despite the refined and rather shy manner for which both had for years been noted by all concerned—to “sling hash”, as they used to say, in word, gesture, body-language, “with the worst of them”. Failing at which, before the month was up, they were thrown out on the street, ordered to vacate, with threats of jail, “within an hour”. After labors which had been nothing short of health-destructive <i>for both</i>. Ever try to move in that length of time, <i>on the heels of</i> a grueling day’s work, belongings and all? While there are a hundred stories of the same sort I could relate, as of an infinitude of refusals-of-cooperation to the <i>criminally-self-respecting</i> on jobs in which cooperation is critically required, but I refrain for lack of space and time. For the key is for these one-time-ubiquitous Anglo Old-Glory-bandana-wearers—who have numerous equally-boorish equivalents among illegals looking to unseat you in favor of non-English-speaking cousin or aunt—to rigidly, implacably enforce—with the formidable help of a deafening schoolyard and media promotion—a behavioral, conversational milieu that is radically-repugnant to the upright mind. After that, self-respect and piety having been destroyed, in their nesting-place in the human mind and soul, the rest is easy. Actually, to these swaggering, boorish-but-all-determining lower-class enforcers—who indeed have other counterparts around the office cooler or copier, among the ranging cubicles—the new <i>lower race</i> are mostly those who don’t “get smart” and learn to “go with the flow”. For to the new Bluebeards, miniscule Blackberries and other devices serve as little more than a new kind of fetish, a new tattoo or coded word or symbol, to fit a new society of preening pirates, racists, rapists and violence-prone ghouls. Like some of the ultra-primitive Indians the Jesuit padres in Baja found hiding among the trails and mountains—stalking them behind the manzanita bushes, trying to kill them with their arrow and spears—cavemen whose verbal repertoire included all of twenty-five words. This poisonous moral climate having for decades been rigidly imposed not only by school and media but also in all the various agencies and offices to which the poor are forced—although some refuse, at great cost—to make their weary, humiliating rounds. It is the noted “go getter” ring-eared privateers who win the nod of approval from the lady behind the desk, from Judge Judy behind the TV bench; who after a super-brief, basically <i>dog-sniffing</i> interview are likely to be made a foreman or crew-leader, an order-barking major-domo on the warehouse floor. It has nothing whatever to do with “hard work”, and the same authorities in their ivory towers would consider you a <i>mental case</i> if you took the old “work ethic” slogans seriously, in a practical way. No, it is all about being <i>street wise</i>—ah, what a nice tribute to great-grandfather, who probably labored in some cubby-hole to give us a decent life—it has to do with the weird de-constructionist a-morality that has been ceaselessly, laboriously inculcated in our teacher-training degree-programs. With the systematic uprooting of Christian decency—the very basis of Western law—from our society, from the minds of our precious, beloved young.</p>


<p>Thus has deteriorated the social milieu of America since the true anti-racists, anti-mobsters, anti-abortionists and anti-tyrants—who must always work together, or their efforts are doomed—the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, and other even-more-youthful first innocent victims of racist ire—were cut down. These true American leaders having quickly been replaced by impressive paper-shufflers and legislative grand-standers, both Black and White. Politicians who exploit the life of a babe in the womb, the price of both lust and God-playing <i>embryonic</i>-stem-cell research—or of a Terri Schiavo—to be starved, to die slowly of thirst, to be dismembered by pincers, or excruciatingly destroyed in an injected salt-solution brine. Even as <i>baby-killing</i> legislative ghouls blankfacedly blur the distinction between non-abortion, truly-beneficial stem-cell-research—using umbilical cords or ones own blood supply—and those thus-far-unproductive <i>mass produced</i> in newer kinds of abortuary mills. As this weird land of Orwellia—not America—must always do. The latter fair land being obscured behind this solid bank of moral clouds, invented by our mortal enemies, an America whose outlines are so familiar to me, so dear, and to which decades ago I eagerly waited to return, from foreign shores. For Orwellia’s purposes are mostly <i>pure Hitlerian experimentation</i>—as for instance to produce some Hellish <i>human/animal clone</i>—an abomination I have no doubt a “conservative” Bush sponsors secretly, with many another crown jewel of an inhuman and perverted kind. In tandem with which Great Deceiver “Liberal” anti-life congressmen and senators—in a glaring contradiction-in-terms between two inherently-contradictory words—<i>liberal</i> and <i>anti-life</i>, standing cheek-to-jowl—make their own peculiar political point, pick some exotic or pedestrian political plum. Kingpins whose hypocrisies ring out among the Congressional galleries, where these new <i>Missouri Compromisers</i> win the only glory they will ever know. No, Nancy Pilosi, it isn’t enough to finally get some meager resolve with respect to the War, for which you nonetheless have my thanks: you must also fight this war against innocent life here at home, and against the souls of the poor, and of their highly-vulnerable children as well.</p>


<p>Ah, but watch the sky, as the God of all justice, racial or any other kind, is now slowly but all the more inexorably taking charge. Keep chuckling “we’ve seen this kind of <i>Spring storm</i> before”—as if you could give it a name—much as the merry natives did over Noah and his Ark—a cliché hardly utterable over a hundred weird weather anomalies in a row. Taken collectively, as in the case of an equal number of “hard to substantiate” Bush political subterfuges, hardly anything to yawn over, especially if you are in their path. Or go on giving the tree-hugger’s “global warming” appraisals of precipitating horror: those few days you have left to do so. As He incrementally looses the “fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword”. </p>


<i><p>April 20, 2007: The Republican/Democratic breathless pursuit of the fait accompli.</p></i>


<p>The two opposing sides of the Congressional isle have til now been dutifully pushing the two major elite agendas: anti-life and corporate-based global conquest. While the source of much of the funding of such a grand duality has been the inestimably-powerful and often criminal world of legal and illegal drugs. The aims of which seemingly-divergent totality—in such a “one big happy family”—aren’t by any means mutually-exclusive. In other words, the underworld and its Jewish overlords won’t give us another 11/63 so long as the drugs flow free, and Christians are prevailed upon to kill both Muslims and their own young. “Opposing” agendas which actually suit one another like a hand in a glove. Thus one reason for my campaign symbol of the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, with the former representing pro-life after birth, the latter pro-life before. Much as the Canaanites had once prevailed upon the Jews, and in most ways, across the millennia, still do. Thus where younger-generation enthusiasm for killing either babies or Afghanis tends to lag behind, drugs will do the dirty work, much as in the case of the 19th century Chinese, of keeping them marching in column and line.</p>


<p>Thus do people like George Bush and Bill Clinton, no dummies, knowing that all artifices and imposed-contingencies can’t be forever guaranteed, present to the youth of today an irreversible <i>fait accompli</i> with respect to these abominable methods and goals, to be loaded upon them when these youngsters come to inherit the reins of power. A cynicism which explains the <i>holding pattern</i> of the President’s strategy in Iraq: to perpetuate catastrophe so that we become impossibly mired in this pro-Israeli war. The tactic of a traitor with no real interest in the national good. Especially since all we need to do to extricate ourselves from that hecatomb is to with complete justice <i>change sides</i>: after which the entire Muslim world would become our friend. These Skull-and-Bones liberals and Neo Cons, really only flip-sides of the same corroded coin, having indeed already, through an un-repayable national debt, sold the youthful masses into slavery. To be paid out, among other forms of thralldom, in the chaffing bonds of perpetual war. Just like the forces of Antiochus, in the time of the Machabees, who had already sold the Old Testament Jews to merchants from the East, well before the battle in which they were anticipated to be so soundly routed, and then put in gang-chains. This abominable coterie having in a single generation (forty years) ruined our nation’s traditional industrial and family-farm economic base, and tied us to a debt-driven balance-of-trade. Thus, killing many birds with one stone, making large families for most an impossible dream. So that the sustaining of a global power-expanding war is the obvious way to forestall the repayment of a resulting impossible debt: with presidential ferret-like slyness offering our youth this unprecedented, singularly-barbaric <i>avenue of escape</i>.</p>


<p>But maybe these youngsters, “beneficiaries” of a 60s-Boomer-celebrated legal and illegal drug (and gang) culture that is destroying their minds and souls, have got a trick or two up their own sleeves as well. With the help of that Blessed Lady who can defeat the forces of Hell with a mere twirl of her distaff, who in war against traitors and apostates is “as terrible as an army set in battle array.”</p>


<p><i>February 24, 2007:  Congress held once again to be “wet behind the ears”, “ignoring the wishes” of the Commander in Chief. Don’t be fooled, the aim all along has been global warfare against established nations, not against terrorism.</p></i>

<p>True to his Jewish/Thule Society or Skull and Bones progeny—detached international brokers who operate everywhere without regard to the goals and interests of local peoples involved—Bush is always talking about <i>something else</i> when he seems to be addressing the concerns of the legislature. A body indeed now demoted, signature Bush/Capone-style, to the level of a lot of <i>”bums”</i> or <i>losers</i>, who need to learn the Ps and Qs of statecraft from a pro like him. His bum-fights approach to the world, as in his <i>real politik</i> vis-à-vis Iran, however prompting the query: does anyone invade the USA because of the tons of U.S. ordnance and weaponry to be found in any war <i>anywhere</i>? In an uncontainable international flow-of-arms and arms manufacture into which nations like Iran were indeed introduced by the very same <i>benevolent</i> Uncle Sam and noted international-league associates? Nonetheless while these incredibly meek Congressmen were “still on first base”, talking about a troop surge, King George was already “rounding third”, planning the <i>entrapment</i> and invasion of Iran. That open-ended “game-plan” which is ever the strategy-of-choice of U.S. planners. Obviously regarding Congress as a <i>ship of fools</i>, and the American People, who after all voted his War Party <i>out of power</i>, as the easiest push-overs of all. This is the sort of thing that used to prompt overthrows without any further ado, and which still sees fisticuffs in <i>rude</i> legislatures in Europe or Latin America, when people get enough of being led around by the nose.</p>

<p>The entire purpose of the entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan has been to produce global war against nations perceived as competitors, according to a pecking-order imposed by international Jewry and its secret-society ladies-in-waiting. This is the Skull and Bones Hitlerian vision, of blood and iron, of the Bush family and its radical Republican cronies, elder figures among whom were the killers of the peace-loving Kennedy brothers. These are the same elitists who on the domestic scene are making <i>prisons</i> into our main growth industry, destined over the next ten years to expand by well over a quarter of a million inmates. In a USA already with a prison population 10 times larger than most of its significantly-large “competitors”. This heinous and deliberate policy of a ballooning “corrections” depends upon the criminalizing of the lower class, this in a <i>sausage-factory</i> gang-culture- and sexuality-libertine school-and-media, a moral chorizo that is then force-fed at adulthood into the stout casings of a hair-trigger <i>draconian</i> enforcement of fanatically-interpreted law. A <i>processive</i> fate the near-sole dependable lower-class escape from which is a “career” in a “volunteer” military, or in a sometimes-treacherous, always-secretive contract-warrior enterprise. That combined <i>growth industry</i> in which a Frankenstein-like criminality-all-its-own blossoms freely like Bush’ malodorous Texas flowers. The prime example of which spring-loaded trap for the common man—all the while certain elites veritably wallow in multiple forms of well-guarded pedophilia—is this issue of sexual predators, in which the involvement of 18 or 19 year-old adolescent males with adolescent girls <i>age 15</i> can land the male at question as many as <i>99 years</i> in prison. A purely or comparatively innocent thing such as a mere century ago was a yawning commonplace, with courtships between the two ages being standard among mankind until today’s sin-of-Sodom-oriented, over-mothered, prison-packed USA.</p>

<p>The only way out of this quandary is the formal consecration of this nation to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. To be followed, via their guidance and protection, by the establishment of a <i>distributive</i> political/economic system such as is outlined throughout this site. That organizational blueprint namely which most surely guards against the dominion of such very elites, allied as they are with perversion-peddling radical-liberals like Kerry and Edwards, and most of the Democratic Party, across the Isle. This front page and these publications contain the extensive platform upon which I base my own totally-non-elitist Presidential candidacy.</p>


<p><i>February 13, 2007: What is “The New Fascism”?</p></i>


<p>Actually, it is from Vladimir Putin that I in essence take this phrase, <i>suggested</i> rather than proclaimed in his speech last year at the Auschwitz commemoration. This leader having delivered a short but vigorous attack upon World War II fascism, one whose very clarion quality contained an unmistakable warning of the existence of a <i>newer form</i> of the same <i>old rot</i>, and from an entirely unexpected quarter. Thus while deferring to him as to his own intent, I use his speech as a starting point in identifying this new specter which now haunts Eastern Europe, Western and Southeast Asia, and U.S. cities and towns.</p>


<p>This New Fascism uses technology—whose infrastructure and methodology have become familiar fixtures of everyday life, of a rigid and unyielding ethos-all-its-own—to <i>force</i> an all-determining change upon mankind. Just as the ideology’s older forerunner did sixty and seventy years ago in more primitive stages of the same rabid techno-<i>tour de force</i>. Newer and bolder forms of Nazi-vintage eugenics and cloning, abortion and euthanasia, together with a weapons and rocket-science run amuck, heighten the New Fascism’s messianic claims of a belief in a <i>strictly worldly salvation</i>. Vaunted technological achievements being held, both openly or implicitly, to justify a Nazi-reminiscent contemptuous <i>overturning of the altars</i> of true and traditional religion, of any <i>practical</i> belief in God, placing in its stead a modern pagan idolatry such as the Swastika epitomized, and the “Master Race” adored. Indeed even Hitler allowed the Churches to stay open as purely-ritualistic <i>Sunday’s only</i> affairs, in a startlingly <i>déjà vu</i> like those of today: the <i>New Fascism</i> claiming in place of Christianity a secular-messianism in an innumerable assortment of gismos and gadgets, a veritable <i>redemption</i> based on an anticipated future accession to some further sublime “beam me up, Scotty”, technological plateau. The final result being a world dominion of elite Nietzschean supermen, ceaseless wisecracks notwithstanding, a world allegedly free and advanced but in fact, and as is more evident by the day, characterized by every sort of mad and morbid <i>tyranny</i>, personal, corporate  and official. While finally the sadio-masochism essential to a renewed <i>sodomy</i> is inevitably supreme in all this, as in the old Canaan, in ancient Athens, or among Antiochene Greeks. A bisexual sort of brazen techno-elite or technocracy thus steadily coming to rule with an <i>iron fist</i>, a secret-society cabal at its highest levels historically akin to the perverted Iron Corporal, Hitler himself. This vis-à-vis ongoing Skull and Bones or Brotherhood of Death connections: the very Thule Society to which he belonged, with still-flourishing, dense if secretive connections to other occult societies of every kind. An entire globalist ensemble—nowadays more-conspicuously draped in the Stars and Stripes—maintaining the classic fascist <i>might makes right</i> option to rule the world by a technologically-advanced military force, coupled with an electronic-media thought control even more formidable in its insidious power. All of which values are radically inimical to Divine Faith, and to an inseparable, inviolable interior life of man.</p>


<p>Few seem to reflect that such a metallic or Plexiglas science-and-engineering determined world incorporates within itself by definition a <i>regimentation</i> previously unheard of in history: introducing us to a set of ambient imperatives as rigid as those of any experimental lab or regimen of industrial quality control. An official, domestic and occupational “soldiering”, a marching in rank and file which modern behavioral science and criminology alike reinforce with rapidly multiplying categories-of-conduct considered abnormal, dangerous: in a labeling mechanism which is notorious for its bullying, auto-suggestive, auto-prophetic characteristics. Enabling a Nazism which puts noted earlier forms to dismal shame in terms of inescapable monitoring, standardizing, depersonalization, thought control. The principal victim of the New Fascism thus being a free-ranging <i>human agency</i> definitive to the nature and dignity of man: a freedom of action leagues above some mind-breaking, personally-violating pea-pod space lab. The fully-unleashed and enabled human personality—whose liberty is however contained in the most benign and unthreatening things, its chains in unfettered, libertine passion—this daughter-of-moral-purity now proclaimed in a thousand ways and for all intents and purposes to be <i>the enemy</i>. In a USA in which the ongoing violation of the human person, of the native innocence of the children of God, proceeds as the premiere engineering of them all. As borne out not only in the new methodology but likewise in every touchy-feely-trivializing talk-show episode of Oprah, Ellen or Dr. Phil: the suffocating, zany entertainment for such a mentally-and-morally scurvy space-craft crew. MCs become unlikely field marshals against an inalienable human freedom which in many ways must always be imbedded in a natural world, in traditional perfectly unique and individual relations between persons, and between people and things.</p>


<p>The fact is that man’s life is meaningless apart from the pursuit of the greater glory of God, that which mostly takes place in St. Teresa’s “Interior Castle” of man, but which demands al the rampant outward liveries of this all-determining <i>vassalage</i> to fly free in society at large. That profound purpose in which alone technology finds its true place, in enhancing, further humanizing and sublimating a human life which <i>already knows</i> where it is going. Which is ennobled and inspired from within, by Divine Faith: to which the substitution of industrial or human-engineering surrogates is a rank insult, an unforgivable <i>Sin against the Holy Ghost</i>. On an earth which isn’t some ungainly attempt at a manufactured heaven, constructed by the devices of mortal man, but a <i>humble place of testing</i>. An earth capable, especially when inspired by the uplifting parameters of Faith, of great improvement in human social and material conditions (Menendez, <i>The Way of Divine Love</i>, Tan Publishers: 1972 pp. 365-6), but of no basic change in its essential nature or purpose.</p>